PegHub Overview

  • What is PegHub?
    In short, PegHub is the simplest way to earn high yields on your crypto.  The PegHub Ecosystem is a collection of protocols developed by the trusted Bomb Money team including bitBOMB and CZPegs allowing exposure to some of the most well-known coins in crypto allowing you to accumulate more regardless of what the market is doing.  Additionally, PegHub offers a token called PHUB that allows anyone who holds it to partake in protocol-wide revenue sharing. 
  • How does PegHub revenue sharing work?
    Most DeFi protocols have what’s called a “developer fee”, which takes a percentage of revenues from all its users and puts it directly into the developers’ pockets (his is similar to how banks charge fees to their customers for pretty much everything).  At PegHub, all of our developer fee allocation goes directly into an automated smart contract which continually buys back PHUB tokens and distributes them back to everyone in the PHUB farm, meaning everyone who’s in the PHUB MAXI vault gets to share 100% of the protocol’s revenue. 
  • What are PegHub’s long-term goals?
  • Who is responsible for PegHub?
    PegHub is run by an ever-growing team of experts including longtime crypto/DeFi experts, as well as experts from traditional finance/Fortune 500 companies.  You can check out the full list of our team here. 
  • Why should I purchase PHUB token?
  • Should I wait for the price of PHUB to get lower before buying some?
    Trying to time the market or predict the price action of any asset is extremely challenging.  With PHUB’s continuous revenue sharing, extremely limited supply, and eminent plans to go multi-chain, we really feel there is significant upside to the PHUB token. 
  • How do I know my funds are safe?
    The smart contracts for all of the vaults on PegHub have been battle-tested for years and audited hundreds of times across the various forks they have been implemented on.  Investors in any of these vaults can withdraw their funds at any time – there are no lock periods for PegHub vaults. 
  • Is PegHub a Ponzi, pyramid scheme, MLM, or a scam?
    Absolutely not.  One of the most important, and often lacking, aspects of DeFi is trust in the team running the protocol.  Many projects in DeFi have anonymous developers hiding behind pseudonyms and avatars.  PegHub is run by Aaron Shames, who has been fully doxxed since day one.  With nothing to hide, Aaron’s commitment to the protocol is second to none. 
  • Farming and the auto vaults?

  • How do I join the farms?
  • What is an auto vault?
  • What coins can I farm in the PegHub vaults?
  • Can I join multiple farms at the same time?
  • How long can I farm in the PegHub vaults?
  • Are there any fees to get in or out of the vaults?
  • Are there minimum or maximum amounts I can invest?
  • Investing Strategies

  • What is the optimal investment strategy for PegHub?
  • What APY can investors expect?
  • How long do I need to be invested? Are my funds locked?