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Exciting Developments and Strategic Updates for PHUB Protocol

The PHUB protocol is entering an exciting phase of growth and innovation, with several strategic initiatives set to reinforce the protocol’s value and our commitment to the community.

I realize we have been light on updates recently, but that is all about to change with the incoming bull run!  We have been busy behind the scenes, and that work will come to light very soon, starting with this post!

Renewed Focus on PHUB

We are committed to PHUB and its dedicated holders! We are ramping up our presence on social media and community discussion groups to ensure our users and supporters are well-informed and engaged. Expect regular updates, lively discussions, and a transparent approach to community interaction.

We will ensure to have at least one monthly blog post / update in regards to progress and upcoming developments!

Exciting Roadmap: New Protocols Incoming

Numerous new projects are being launched to generate revenue streams.  With an imminent bull market ahead, this is the time for crypto projects to shine! Two projects are on the short-term roadmap, one coming this month, and another in the next 2-3 months!

These protocols will broaden the PHUB ecosystem and offer more opportunities for user engagement.

Once a firm use-case for a revamped BOMB Chain V2 is developed, revenue from the new chain will also be used to fund PHUB buybacks!

Stability and Financial Strategy

In an effort to provide transparency regarding our financial strategy, we want to address the recent sale of tokens by the developer. These sales were a necessary step due to significant expenses, and lack of other revenue sources. However, we want to assure our community that with recent investments, there is no intention to sell more tokens. This should alleviate any immediate concerns about market oversupply or selling pressure from the development team.

Long-Term Commitment with Token Lockup

Lastly, we’re making a strong commitment to the future of PHUB by locking up 2000 PHUB tokens, representing 20% of the total supply. These tokens will be locked for 6 months to demonstrate our dedication to the project’s longevity. Following this period, the tokens will be released linearly over the subsequent 12 months. This strategic decision underpins our confidence in the protocol’s future and aligns with our vision of sustainable growth.

Governance & Voting

PHUB holders will once again be the decision makers in critical future decisions!  Choices related to new protocol launches and future direction of the ecosystem will be controlled by PHUB holders, just as it was in the past. Both PHUB held in wallet and in PHUB staking vault will be included!


In summary, these strategic moves—increased engagement, revenue-driven ecosystem integration, upcoming protocol launches, a transparent financial approach, and a token lockup plan—showcase our dedication to enhancing PHUB’s value and stability. Join us on this journey and stay connected for updates.


Based PHUB Dev,


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