BOMBshell Monday

Introducing PolyPegs, our next seigniorage protocol! 

After a very close vote, our PHUB holders have decided that our next protocol will be on the Polygon blockchain.  We’re very excited about this as it provides a number of great opportunities!  Firstly, we’ll  implement a series of additional measures at launch to help significantly increase the success of not only the launch, but the weeks immediately following. We plan to continuously improve all protocol launches and feel we already have a winning formula – this will be integral when expanding to a massive chain like Ethereum where we can target all the degen whales to enter our farms. 

It’s also important to note that regardless of how the seigniorage protocol performs in the early days, expanding to another chain offers more investment opportunities for both our PegHub dApp and our upcoming mobile app!  These are all vital cogs in a system designed to work flawlessly together to bring health to all of our products and protocols.  Remember, our long-term strategy centers around ease of use and breaking down barriers for new investors. Therefore, users directly interacting with our seigniorage protocols will be a small subset of our overall investors.  Yields across our ecosystem will be powered by these protocols though so play a vital part in achieving our goal of becoming the world’s largest staking platform by 2025. With everything we have going on it’s not hard to see how we’ll achieve that goal! 

Mark Your Calendars! 

Development is already underway for PolyPegs with an expected website launch date of Monday, October 17, 2022.  The site will be live for one week with Genesis Farms launching Monday, October 24, 2022 and running for 24 hours before the protocol kicks into full gear. 

More details on some of the new measures we will be implementing, including improvements to the way the Genesis Farms will operate.  Since the community recently voted to remove taxes, we will also continue with no taxes for PolyPegs farms regardless of peg status. 

We are still determining which tokens, in addition to MATIC, we will use as peg tokens on PolyPegs.  Come join the discussion on Wednesday at our live YouTube AMA at 4pm UTC to have your say. 

We’re very excited about this launch and already have some huge Polygon influencers and communities lined up for promotion and partnerships! 

BOMB Money User Experience 

You may have seen the news about BOMB Chain and our new mobile app that’s already in development.  This is an incredible opportunity for our protocol as it’s truly the final step in mass adoption. The BOMB Money app will be the gateway for new users to begin their crypto journey and start earning high yields on their investments with a range of fixed deposit periods.  The important thing to understand is that yields will be powered by our seigniorage protocols so single staking via the app will support the the overall health of our entire ecosystem. In order to simplify the user experience, we will be minimizing app users’ exposure to terms like seigniorage, PegHub, peg, etc.  We want the user’s experience to simply be: 

  1. Download app
  2. Create wallet
  3. Deposit funds via crypto or fiat
  4. Stake crypto 

As such, branding towards these customers we will be focused on BOMB Money.  Our websites will therefore be structured in the following way: 

Bomb.Money – Website explaining BOMB blockchain and will also host the existing boardroom as the only way to create new BOMB tokens. 

Bomb.App – Website with information on the mobile app, download instructions, and user guides. – This website and dApp will remain as is and continue to offer autovaults and easy-to-use dApp experience for those with beginner-to-moderate DeFi knowledge. 

Seigniorage protocols (bitBOMB, CZPegs, SnowPegs, PolyPegs) – These sites will all continue to function as is allowing the true DeFi experts to earn the highest possible yields while also taking on some of the risks involved with seigniorage protocols.  As always, we strongly suggest everyone DYOR and fully understand the ins and outs of these protocols before investing.  The safest plays are always to enter the autovaults and compound your earnings! 

We’re Coming to Toronto and We Want to See You There! 

You may have heard that Aaron and Markuu will be bringing PegHub and BOMB Money to the Web3 and Blockchain World event in Toronto on November 8 & 9.  This is going to be a monumental event for us as it will be our first opportunity to showcase our mobile app to the public.  As such, we’re planning on making a splash!  Let’s just say “Wen Lambo?”… 

If you want to be a part of this amazing event, we’ll be holding a contest this week to give away 5 virtual passes (valued at $199 USD each).  Stay tuned to our socials for details on how to enter so you can watch Aaron live as he joins panelists from major companies such as Deloitte, FedEx, Hedera, Input Output, Fortune Magazine and more! 

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