BOMBshell Monday

SnowPegs Website Live Tomorrow, Get Into Those High-Yield Genesis Farms 

We’re putting the finishing touches on the SnowPegs website and it will be launching tomorrow!  Here’s a sneak peek of the new logo and a hint at what the design will look like.  We’re so excited for our first expansion onto a new chain and have a lot planned with the Avalanche community as we offer them the safest and highest yields they’ve seen for their AVAX, LINK, and SOL. 

The Genesis Farms will be launching a week later on August 30.  For those that have participated in other Genesis Farms, such as the CZPegs ones, you know how lucrative they can be.  In order to participate in the SnowPegs Genesis Farms, don’t forget that you will need a Bomb Evolution NFT.

SnowPegs Logo - A PegHub Company

NFT’s Launching 

Speaking of Bomb Evolution NFT’s, the minting site has been up and running for a few days now and without even promoting or officially launching, we have already sold 283 of the 2,000 NFT’s.  With such a limited supply and such a useful utility, these won’t be around to mint for long.  Don’t forget that these same NFT’s will also be used for access to Genesis Farms on our future protocols as well, including Ethereum, Fantom, Polygon, etc.  At that point, people wanting to earn the massive yields only available to Genesis Farmers will need to buy these NFT’s on the open market at OpenSea.  The floor price for one right now is already double the minting price there!   

Best of all, these NFT’s look absolutely gorgeous.  Check out some samples over at and mint yours before it’s too late!  If you need help bridging assets from one chain to the other, I’ve written a blog post detailing the easy steps to do so.  Get your BNB over to ETH and mint your NFT now! 

Marketing, Here We Go! 

If you’ve been coming to our twice-weekly AMA’s and reading our BOMBshell Monday’s, you’ll have heard Markuu talk about our upcoming marketing push, but it was always “it’s coming, it’s coming.”  Good news.  It’s here!   

We have two massive marketing campaigns starting tomorrow and running for 4 weeks straight.  The first campaign is taking over the Avalanche network – sites, blogs, communities, AMA’s, etc.  We will be highlighting our SnowPegs Genesis Farms for the first week, followed by a push to join our AVAX, LINK, and SOL farms from then on.  The beauty of the PegHub ecosystem is that as we reach new investors on Avalanche, and they start earning high yields on those tokens, they will also learn about our other offerings so they can expand their portfolio.  The more eyes on one protocol, the more eyes on all protocols, the healthier the entire ecosystem becomes! 

The second campaign will have a similar timeline and will be focused around our NFT launch.  We will be targeting both NFT enthusiasts with the sleek design, limited supply, and being on the most high-end chain for NFT’s, Ethereum.  We will also be targeting general crypto investors with the campaign focusing on the need to acquire one of these in order to earn high yields on AVAX, LINK, and SOL.  I believe strongly that both campaigns will be able to convert sales and we will be seeing these NFT’s fly off the shelf (or off the minting dApp, per se).  

Finally, our longterm marketing plan for the overall PegHub Ecosystem continues.  In fact, we’re currently negotiating with three live blockchain/DeFi conferences to take part and showcase PegHub to a brand new and engaged audience.  As soon as these deals are confirmed, we will share details so you can come meet the team and show your support for PegHub in person. 

PegHub Keeps Expanding! 

Speaking of our team, I’m excited to announce two new vacancies in the team.  If you’ve read the PegHub Roadmap, you can see how much we have planned and how much work we have ahead of us.  But one thing is for sure, I continue to work day and night to move this project forward for the benefit of all our investors.  

In order to help with that, we’ll be bringing on a developer to work closely with me to help expand our protocols.  This will also allow me to spend more time focusing on our key differentiator – the single staking platform that will rival main CEX’s and lead us to our goal of becoming the world’s safest and largest crypto staking platform by 2025!  More details on this next week! 

We are also bringing on a Lead Mod to support our community with questions, requests, troubleshooting, and everything in between. As you know, PegHub is designed with simplicity in mind and that enables us to target demographics that may not be familiar with crypto and DeFi.  As these folks join our communities, it’s crucial that they are provided with answers to any questions they have and are made to feel welcome by the rest of our community.  If you’re a current and experiences DeFi investor, we hope you will join us in this endeavour so that PegHub truly becomes the place where newbies can get into DeFi and make it rich with the rest of us! 

You can check the details out here. Apply by sending your CV over to [email protected]  

We Want to Hear From You – and You Can Win a Prize For It! 

As we continue to endure the worst crypto winter in history, we know that there are mixed feelings across the entire crypto industry.  At PegHub, we pride ourselves on focusing on our investors and the success of our protocol.  As such, we want to make sure we’re doing a good job.  That’s why we’re offering 1 PHUB Token and 1 Bomb Evolution NFT to two lucky investors that take the time to provide their feedback in this short survey that should take no more than 5 minutes.  The survey and contest will be available until August 28 at 8pm EDT.

Let us know what you think and enter here. 

The CZbomb Update You’ve Been Waiting For 

As many of you may know, we plan to have CZbomb pegged to bitBTC.  Let’s get into how this will work!  

Although the token itself will remain named CZbomb, we do have the flexibility to choose what it will be pegged to by changing the price oracle to bitBTC! Lots have been waiting patiently for this move to happen. 

By Wednesday August 24th, CZbomb will be pegged to bitBTC instead of Bomb, and the current CZbomb-Bomb farm emissions will stop and a new farm, CZbomb-bitBTC, will be opened to take its place. 

This will open up fun new possibilities when both boardrooms are printing as it will be possible to pair both assets up and deposit them in the farm to further compound your gains! 


Bullish as ever, 


PHUB Price


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BTC – 6.78%
DOT – 24.66%
ATOM – 165.74%
ADA – 6.51%
BNB – 0.92%