BOMBshell Monday

Marketing Update! 

This is one of our biggest weeks in a while for PegHub from a marketing perspective.  We’ve got a lot lined up over the next few months and it all kicks off now! 

This Thursday at 5pm UTC (1pm EDT) we have a live AMA with James Pelton, one of the top crypto influencers in the world.  James’ audience is all about creating passive income streams, and we’re excited to showcase our new PegHub site, app, and autovaults to this captive and ready-to-invest audience!  This will be the first time showing our new, easy-to-use PegHub experience and we can’t wait to hear feedback.  Make sure you join us as we’d love to hear what you all think as well after the AMA on Discord and Telegram. 

Additionally, our friend YaBonks will be hosting a giveaway for $100 in PegHub swag from our Merch Store and two Bomb Evolution NFT’s.  Follow our socials where we’ll announce as soon as this contest is live for your chance to win!  Thanks to YaBonks for continuing to show love to our project.  In fact, his PegHub mug has been making appearances in some of his recent videos.   

You’ll also start noticing PegHub in press releases on sites like Fortune and Coin Telegraph.  Details are still being finalized but as always, following our socials is your best bet to see everything we’re up to!  Join our Twitter and like/RT our posts to help spread the word! 

Win The Wallet Contest! 

We’ve never been more bullish about PegHub and think now is the absolute best time to get into our autovaults.  To show how powerful our protocol is, we’ve created a new wallet and put $100 into every one of our farms (PHUB autovault, all PegHub autovaults, and PegHub+ Advanced share vaults at bitBOMB, CZpegs, and SnowPegs).  This means we have deposited $1,400 USD into this wallet and will be regularly updating you on the value of this wallet.  Without adding another dollar, it will be fun to monitor its progress over the next year to show how much everyone can make with just a $1,400 investment.   

But wait, there’s more!  You can all cheer on The Wallet because you’re going to have the chance to win it.  We’ll be running a Win The Wallet contest giving everyone the chance to win all funds in the wallet!!  Wallet address, full details on the contest and how to enter will be coming out on a blog post later this week.  Don’t miss your chance to Win The Wallet!

What’s Next? 

In addition to the incredible long-term DeFi solutions we have in our roadmap, we are deep into planning for our next protocol launch.  We will once again be having a governance vote next week where PHUB token holders can vote on which chain our next PegHub+ Advanced will be on.  As discussed at our previous AMA, we are thoroughly reviewing our SnowPegs launch on Avalanche and are going to use all of our learnings to continuously improve all future launches and maximize their success.  Full details on the next governance vote will be released on next week’s BOMBshell Monday.  Stay tuned! We’re hiring! 

Do you want to join one of the top companies in all of DeFi?  Join our team as we’re looking for a lead moderator.  This is a vital role on our growing team which will be responsible for monitoring and managing community discussions and sentiment on our Discord and Telegram channels. 

You can see a full list of our open positions and apply to any of them on our Jobs page.  We look forward to having you on the team! 

PHUB Price


Earn these real-time APRs

BTC – 6.77%
DOT – 24.44%
ATOM – 166.60%
ADA – 6.39%
BNB – 0.92%