PegHub News

You’ve heard the slogan:  PegHub – The Simplest Way To Earn High Yields On Blue Chip Crypto.  But what does that mean and how can you take advantage of it?  Let’s take a closer look at PegHub! 

In short, PegHub is your one-stop shop for investing in cryptocurrency for both beginners and advanced investors.  Using the power of decentralized finance (aka DeFi), PegHub investors are able to earn consistently high yields on the most well-known and top tier crypto coins including Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), Cosmos (ATOM), and more.  With just a few clicks, you can stake your favourite coin in our PegHub auto-compounding vaults to take the fullest advantage of our protocol.  With auto-compounding, you will continue to earn more tokens every hour, which in turn continues to provide you with more and more returns.  This is the easiest way to grow your crypto portfolio regardless of your level of experience, and why we’re proud to offer the top crypto coins so that regardless which vault you choose to farm you’re going to get amazing returns.  Crypto investing made easy! 

To fully understand how our protocols work and what goes on behind the scenes, you can read our full documentation here. 

But what about the PHUB token? What’s that all about? 

The PHUB token is an investment opportunity for anyone who wants to share in the revenue of the protocol.  Most DeFi protocols have what’s called a “developer fee”, which takes a percentage of revenues from all its users and goes directly into the developers’ pockets (this is similar to how banks charge fees to their customers for pretty much everything).  At PegHub, the success of our investors and the community is always the number one priority.  That’s why all of our dev fee allocation goes directly into an automated smart contract which continually buys back PHUB tokens offering revenue sharing for everyone holding the token.  This is how DeFi is supposed to be! 

Additionally, the PHUB token is used as a governance token.  That means that anyone who holds PHUB tokens also has a say in any decisions that have to do with the protocol.  As an example, for our first governance vote we asked PHUB token holders what coin they want us to add and the vote came in heavily for ADA.  The community votes, we listen, and ADA was added.  Future governance votes could include additional coin choices, which blockchains to expand to next, and anything else that the community wants to be heard on. 

Speaking of expanding to multiple blockchains, that’s exactly what we have planned for The PegHub Ecosystem.  Once PegHub goes multi-chain, revenue from all chains will continue to be shared among all PHUB token holders.  Even beginners should see the power and future potential earnings of simply holding the PHUB token – or even better, staking your PHUB token in the auto-compounding vault to earn even more tokens as described above!  With a fixed supply of only 10,000 PHUB tokens, the scarcity alone makes it a must-have part of any crypto portfolio. 

PHUB Price


Earn these real-time APRs

BTC – 0.40%
DOT – 2.10%
ATOM – 24.49%
ADA – 0.48%
BNB – 0.00%