Team Insights

Over the past couple of years, my interest in crypto has morphed into one of my greatest passions. I truly believe crypto has the power to (and ultimately will!) change the world.  Taking the plunge to move in to Defi was a big decision but joining PegHub to advance the ecosystem was simply too good an opportunity to miss! 

I’ve been invested in the Bomb protocol since the early days.  Its high-paying yield farms, coupled with a transparent and doxxed CEO in Aaron Shames, meant it quickly became my favorite Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform! When I learned that Aaron was looking for a COO, I knew I had to get in touch.  During my career I’ve agonized over wording for covering letters and emails many times, trying to articulate my rationale for wanting a job that deep down, I knew never excited me.  Writing to Aaron, the words flew into my mind – I was confident I could help take the ecosystem to new levels utilizing my broad experience in programme management, HR, regulatory compliance, business management, systems implementation, and transformation.

During my first conversation with Aaron, we immediately clicked.  He could sense my excitement about the ecosystem’s future and quickly recognized my experience would help him and the team.  One thing I admire about Aaron as a leader is that he’s not afraid to point out his weaknesses.  While we’ve seen his great vision for the DeFi space and his ability to develop innovative protocols, he’s never shied away from admitting organization isn’t his top skill. That’s where I come in – ensuring day to day operations are effectively managed, along with driving the delivery of the ecosystem’s strategy. 

TradFi tends to get a bad rap in the crypto world, but I actually think the sector gets a lot of things right.  Most banks have great user experiences, and while regulation is often excessive, customers typically can trust that the money they deposit is safe (even if eaten by inflation).  I believe that harnessing the great UI many TradFi companies have and providing investors with confidence their funds are safe is critical to advancing DeFi.  

Most DeFi projects are run by people who use pseudonyms and avatars to disguise their identity, which for obvious reasons causes trust issues for investors. I believe moving away from this is key to advancing the space. That’s why from my first engagement with the community I’ve been doxxed. Connecting with the community will be a real focus for me and I’ll continue to  engage with investors regularly via live video meetings and twice weekly community AMA’s.  

The PegHub roadmap has so much to come and I’m beyond excited to work with Aaron and the team to shape and execute our long-term strategy.  The launch of the redesigned PegHub is just the start, but is a critical step to helping us attract new investors and improve the experience for our existing community. The intuitive design gives us the perfect platform to attract new segments, particularly those who have previously steered away from DeFi because of the complexity.

With our mission to become the world’s largest and safest staking platform by 2025, I genuinely can’t wait to join the team full time in September.  Though I’ve been in the working world for 15 years, I really feel like my career is just getting started as I embark on this incredible journey into the emerging world of DeFi!

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